Brand Introduction:

Like a stroll through the clouds, feel the lightness of a cloud on your skin Cloud9, like a delicate cloud lingering on your skin.

Cloud 9 makes your skin bright and moisturized.

Cloud9 harnesses the moisture and delicate lightness of clouds and delivers it straight to your skin.

Cloud 9 Whitening Cream 50g

Cloud 9 Whitening Cream 50g is enriched and fortified with natural organic herbs that offers an instant whitening effect that lasts up to 12 hours. With continuous usage, it also effectively lightens dark UV spots, reduces redness, diminishes freckles, and evens out skin tone. It treats damaged skin and offers extreme rejuvenation to keep the skin radiant and healthy-looking all day.

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Cloud 9 All Day Hydration Gel Cream 50g

Cloud 9 All Day Hydration Gel Cream contains 40 Natural Moisturizing Factors : 10% hyaluronic acid and 39 other natural moisturizing factors (NMF) that are found in skin deeply hydrate skin. Pure glacial water drawn from Iceland's 5,000-year-old lava bedrock nourishes skin and replenishes lost moisture. Use just once a day to ward off dryness and enjoy soft skin all day long. ​Cloud 9 All Day Hydration Gel Cream glides smoothly on skin, delivering vast moisture to dehydrated skin, and helps skin maintain an ideal moisture level.

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Available at Watsons